Super Aqua Club, THE destination for safe aquatic fun in Quebec

March 18, 2022

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In 2020, the activities of the Super Aqua Club water park in Pointe-Calumet were diminished significantly due to the pandemic, resulting in a shortened season and financial losses. As the 2021 season approached, despite the continuing environment of uncertainty related to COVID-19, the park aimed to make its operations profitable and increase its overall revenues.

With borders still closed, families were looking for activities outside Quebec where they could gather and have fun with their families. In this context, the main external public relations objectives were to increase the park's general awareness among its target clientele, families and young adults, to position the Super Aqua Club as THE destination for safe aquatic fun in Quebec and to increase the loyalty of its current clientele.


Our team developed a detailed communication plan to highlight the new summer offer, as well as the park's differentiating elements.

The various strategies included press relations, influencer marketing, a partnership with radio station WKND, social media content and advertising placement in tourism media.


With the sun and summer heat cooperating, the 2021 season saw great coverage in both traditional and digital media. Three interviews and 10 media reports generated more than 2.9 million impressions. The partnership with WKND radio had a total reach of 207,000 who each heard the message 15.5 times over the summer. And 13 content creators with 381,814 subscribers reached their audiences with 107 pieces of content and generated 485,500 impressions. Overall, Super Aqua Club made a media splash!


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