Medline Canada: Opening of a New Distribution Centre

A communications plan suited to the Quebec market

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Medline Canada is one of Canada's largest manufacturers and distributors of medical supplies. The company offers clinical expertise, entrepreneurial know-how and a supply chain scale to effectively meet the needs of hospitals and medical centres, long-term care facilities and seniors' residences, home care, primary care, dental, podiatry and retailers across the country.

Following the acquisition of two Quebec-based companies in 2020, Medline was poised to expand its presence with new facilities in various markets, including Terrebonne, Quebec. The company wanted to use the launch event to raise its profile with customers, the public and various levels of government.


Our team consulted with Medline's management to fully understand the short, medium and long term needs and specific objectives. We then developed a communications
plan for the Quebec market. This plan included:

  1. Inviting politicians fromthe federal, provincial and municipal levels to the inauguration of the new distribution centre in Terrebonne and agreeing on the ideal date for such an event. 
  2. Developing key messages anda Q&A document, a press release and speaking notes for key Medline stakeholders.  
  3. Creating a general medialist and specialized lists (health, economics and politics), inviting the media to the event and following up to ensure their attendance. 
  4. Media training for Medline executives and team who would be at the opening event.  
  5. Working closely with Medline staff to plan the logistics and the roll-out of the inauguration ceremony. 
  6. Participating in the event, greeting the media on-site and facilitating the meeting of Medline executives with elected officials. 
  7. Issuing the press release and official ribbon-cutting photo on the newswire, sending to the media with a selection of photos, and following up on the media coverage as well as supporting Medline in posting relevant information to their social media  
  8. Organizing a second visit tothe distribution centre (a few weeks later) with other federal and provincial politicians who could not attend the day of the official event. 


  1. Despite the COVID restrictions that were in effect in the fall of 2021, the face-to-face event was a great success, with the participation of the mayor of Terrebonne and other elected officials.
  2. Despite the challenge of getting the Montreal media to come to an inauguration in suburban Terrebonne, Capital-Image succeeded in generating excellent
    press coverage, including on TVA Nouvelles, which broadcast live from the event. The news was also picked up by LCN, the local TV station, Le Journal de Montréal, Le Journal de Québec, as well as various specializedpublications. All of this coverage allowed Medline to become known in its immediate local community and throughout the province.
  3. Other federal and provincial government officials were able to visit thesite three weeks later, allowing Medline to further raise awareness of its business and activities in Quebec.
  4. The first mandate of the fall 2021 inauguration was so successful that Medline Canada entrusted Capital-Image with an ongoing public relations mandate as of December 2021.
Terrebonne's mayor speaks at the inauguration of Medline Canada's new distribution center

Terrebonne Mayor Marc-André Plante at the Medline distribution centre opening in October 2021 addressing the group of guests consisting of government officials, Medline executives, customers, suppliers and media.

Capital-Image organized the inauguration event for its client Medline Canada's new distribution center

Ernie Philip, President of Medline Canada, cuts theribbon to officially open the distribution centre in Terrebonne, Quebec, on October 7, 2021. Accompanying him, from left to right: Nicole St-Germain, Regional Sales Director for Medline; Marc-André Plante, Mayor of Terrebonne; and Stéphane Tardif, Regional Sales Director for Medline. The event, invitations, and public and government relations were organized by Capital-Image with the collaboration of our partner Proof Ottawa.

October 7, 2021

The inauguration was a great success, attracting a team from TVA on the day of the event. Their journalist reported live from the site, and the news was then broadcast several times on LCN. The news also appeared in Le Journal de Montréal, Le Journal de Québec, as well as on the website, in addition to the specialized magazine Transport Routierand TVRM/MAtv Lanaudière, thus allowing the company to become known locally, but also throughout the province.

Media coverage of the launch event organized by communications agency Capital-Image
Media coverage of the launch event organized by communications agency Capital-Image