• From the strategic planning of a comprehensive communications plan tailored to your company's needs, to its dynamic implementation, the experts at Capital-Image will guide you through the process.

  • Communications Plan

    Dive into a world where every communication strategy is a masterpiece of coherence and integration. After thorough analysis and collaborative meetings with your team, we develop strategies, employing the best communication tactics to propel your business objectives forward.


    A communication plan unfolds in four pivotal steps:

    1. Research: Delve deep to understand core issues, setting the stage for a tailored communication approach.
    2. Analysis: Harness data to define clear, measurable objectives, pinpointing both challenges and opportunities.
    3. Communication: Select optimal channels for your message, ensuring a powerful two-way dialogue with your audience.
    4. Evaluation: Implement robust impact measurement systems to gauge success and refine strategies.

    A stellar communication plan not only clarifies situations but also carves a path to effectively engage your target audience, whether it's raising awareness, shaping opinions, driving commitment,
    or boosting sales. Our team is poised to:

    • Define the communication mandate
    • Study the context and the situation in a SWOT (Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats) format
    • Determine and analyze the target audience
    • Set precise campaign objectives
    • Develop impactful key messages
    • Implement a communication strategy
    • Choose tactics, tools, and platforms suited to your audience and message
    • Establish a budget and timeline
    • Monitor and adapt campaign strategies
    • Evaluate outcomes and offer strategic future recommendations
  • Digital Communication

    In today's digital era, where the internet and connected technologies greatly influence the lives and purchasing decisions of Quebecers, establishing a robust digital presence is crucial. Our team expertly navigates the digital landscape to amplify your brand’s voice across multiple channels.

    • Seamlessly integrate digital communication efforts with traditional marketing strategies
    • Ensure brand consistency across all digital platforms
    • Guide your business’s digital transition (e-commerce, online services)
    • Enhance web presence through comprehensive strategies including SEO, web advertising, community management, content creation, social media strategy, and more
  • Reputation Management

    Building and maintaining a credible image is central to your organization’s success. It impacts everything from revenue to recruitment. Our approach to reputation management is both proactive and responsive:

    • Implement robust internal and external communications policies
    • Evaluate and enhance corporate social responsibility
    • Conduct media monitoring and stakeholder analysis
    • Engage actively in industry conversations
    • Establish both quantitative and qualitative success measures
  • Change Management Support

    Navigating business changes requires clear, structured communication. Whether it’s a company acquisition, a business model shift, or internal reorganization, our team ensures a smooth transition with effective internal and communications strategies.

    • Develop internal communication strategies and public relations plans
    • Provide content writing for diverse communication tools
    • Offer support and training for senior management and spokespersons
    • Manage stakeholder and media relations
  • Coodination With Partner Agencies

    At Capital-Image, we embrace collaboration, working closely with your business partners to maximize impact and ROI.

    • Manage deliverables and deadlines for Canada-wide or international campaigns
    • Facilitate partnerships and coordinate multidisciplinary projects