• From the strategic planning of a comprehensive communication plan adapted to your company's needs, to its implementation, the experts at Capital-Image will guide you through the process.

  • Communication plan

    Based on our analyses and meetings with your team, we will propose coherent and integrated strategies to ensure that you use the best communication tactics to achieve your business objectives.


    A communication plan consists of 4 steps:

    • Research: knowing and understanding the issues to identify the communication approach to take
    • Analysis: use collected data to establish clearly defined and measurable communication objectives in order to identify problems and opportunities
    • Communication: choose the right channels (electronic or print media, event, etc.) after defining the target groups, then define the message itself for a successful two-way communication
    • Evaluation: establish an impact measurement system to assess success or make adjustments

    A good communication plan provides a clear understanding of a situation and clearly defines the actions to be taken to achieve your objectives with your target audience (awareness, sentiment, commitment, sales, etc.). Our team will be able to:

    • Define the communication mandate 
    • Study the context and the situation in a SWOT (Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats) format
    • Determine and analyze the target audience
    • Define the objectives of the communication campaign
    • Develop key messages
    • Implement a communication strategy 
    • Select tactics, tools and platforms appropriate to target audience and messages 
    • Establish a budget and timeline
    • Follow up on the campaign, adapting as needed
    • Evaluate results and make strategic recommendations for the future
  • Digital communication

    The Internet and various connected technologies are an integral part of the lives and purchasing decisions of the vast majority of Quebecers. Digital media are therefore channels that should not be neglected in your communication and marketing efforts.

    • Integrate digital communication efforts with existing marketing offensives
    • Ensure consistency with the company's overall brand image and key messages
    • Accompany the transition of the business model to digital (online commerce, consumer services)
    • Ensure web presence (audit, digital strategy, website, SEO [search engine optimization], web advertising, community management, content creation, social media, referral program, etc.)
  • Reputation management

    Maintaining the credibility and image of an organization, its brand, and its products and services adds up to building reputation, an asset that can be measured. It can affect your revenues and even your recruitment. To reduce the risk, you must be consistent in your communication. How can you do this?

    • Have an internal and external communication policy
    • Evaluate your corporate social responsibility
    • Conduct media monitoring and react as necessary
    • Conduct a stakeholder analysis
    • Participate actively in the conversation 
    • Establish quantitative and qualitative measures
  • Change management support

    Changes in business bring their own set of challenges. Major events such as the purchase or sale of the company or its subsidiaries, a change in the business model, a reorganization of the work structure or a shuffling of positions require transparent and well-structured communication. Good communication, both internal and external, helps to reduce friction and improve the transition process.

    • Internal communication strategy
    • Public relations strategy
    • Content writing for various communication tools
    • Support for senior management
    • Training of spokespersons
    • Stakeholder and media relations
  • Management of partner agencies

    At Capital-Image, we believe that there is strength in numbers. We'll be happy to work with your various business partners to maximize your return on investment.

    • Management of deliverables and deadlines for Canada-wide or international campaigns
    • Search for external partners
    • Meetings and follow-ups of multidisciplinary projects