• Our team supports you on advocating for meaningful change by leveraging our diverse expertise to attract attention and build trust. Collaborating with our Proof Strategies partners, we assist clients in navigating political, legislative, regulatory, and the business landscapes to foster positive outcomes.

  • Government


    Our team and partners work to establish and maintain positive relationships with government officials, legislators, government departments, regulatory bodies, and other key stakeholders.


    We monitor legislative and regulatory developments, analyze their potential impact on the clients we serve, and develop strategies to advocate for or against specific policies. We also keep our ear to the ground so we can help to understand what topics our clients might need to be ahead of and sharing their knowledge to help governments make decisions.


    Here is some of the support we can help you with:

    • Develop strategies and engagement approaches that will balance our client’s and government priorities.
    • Provide you with briefings on political context, prepare briefing notes, and assist with meeting documentation.
    • Identify networking events and sponsorship opportunities to enhance your visibility and cultivate connections.
    • Prepare submissions for legislative committees and organizing meetings.
    • Craft consultation submissions.
    • Coordinate legislative and parliamentary meetings and/or lobby days.


  • Stakeholder Relations

    Understanding the larger context ofdecision making – including people who have similarly aligned objectives and those who maybe detractors – is an important part of helping to address complex challenges. Our team can identify stakeholders and help you leverage the intricacies of stakeholder relationships in advancing any government relations and public affairs strategy.

    With extensive collective experience, weunderstand the value of stakeholder mapping and excel in charting the entire public affairs landscape to implement strategies that make a meaningful impact.

  • Strategic Communications

    We look at the communication environment as a whole, ensuring every step is thought of to reach the audiences that matter with the right messages.


    Different channels wield varying degrees of influence over your target audience.


    Building a story that will resonate with your audiences and creating a narrative that audiences can engage with is critical to any engagement strategy. Whether engaging parliamentary or legislative press gallery reporters, or enlisting influencers or stakeholders to share your message, we understand your audience and how to effectively reach them.

  • Digital Advocacy

    Government decision-making is no longer confined to back rooms, out of the public views; it's increasingly transparent.


    With declining trust in institutions, including the government, citizens now leverage powerful advocacy tools to hold authorities accountable and voice their policy preferences.


    Collecting, directing, and amplifying Canadian voices to form a united front of support to your issues matter just as much as directly reaching elected officials.


    Our team of digital advocacy experts provide the best use of these tools to authentically mobilize voices, ensuring they resonate with decision-makers on behalf of our clients.


    Some of these tactical tasks include:

    • Digital advocacy campaigns
    • Technical builds
    • Content creation (letters, petitions, etc.)
    • Paid promotion initiatives



  • Indigenous Relations

    Cultivating partnerships with Indigenous communities to drive outcomes and foster reconciliation is important to us.


    Our Indigenous Relations team, equipped with diverse experience and expertise, is poised to listen, engage, advise, and facilitate positive, mutually beneficial, and culturally sensitive results. We encourage our clients to introspectively grasp the meaning of reconciliation within their organizations, ensuring that commitment reflects in every interaction.


    In collaboration with our partners, we take pride in assembling a team attuned to your unique circumstances. Whether offering insights on community consultation, preparing for meetings, or assisting in the formulation of a comprehensive, company-wide engagement strategy, our professionals blend of cultural competence with industry expertise will deliver effective solutions.