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Influencer marketing has enjoyed dazzling popularity in recent years and has been adopted by many companies as a promotional tool. It's one of many ways of communicating with an audience, and its rapid rise is explained by its proximity effect.

That means the person creating the content is perceived as someone close, with whom you have forged a bond, creating a sense of belonging and identifying through shared values and backgrounds.

Influencer marketing, as described in a Consumer Option report[1], is hailed as an effective word-of-mouth technique that allows for targeted audience outreach
and engagement.

While celebrities initially played a prominent role in influencer marketing campaigns, the profession has undergone an evolution. Now, brands collaborate with content creators who align with their values and possess expertise in producing high-quality material.

The Continued Growth of Influencer Marketing

According to Statista, in 2019 the global influencer marketing market was worth $148 million, and this figure is expected to rise to over $337 million by 2027[1]. Influencer marketing isn't going anywhere anytime soon!

A recent study by Ressac and Léger shows that about a third of Canadian Internet users (31%) follow content creators[2].

Additionally, the study highlights that 73% ofInternet users have, at some point, altered their behaviour, shifted their perspectives on certain subjects, or made a purchase after being exposed to content disseminated by these influential creators.

Making the Right Choice: The Key to Influencer Campaign Success

When it comes to executing a successful influencer campaign, one of the crucial factors lies in strategically targeting content creators who align with the marketing strategy, product and target audience.

Influential personalities on social media platforms often have distinct niches, favoured topics and followers who predominantly belong to specific categories.

It falls upon communications and marketing agencies to identify content creators who resonate with the client's values and the target audience.

Published content must be interesting, thoughtful, nuanced and, above all, relevant to the intended collaboration between the brand and the person developing the content.

Effective spokespeople establish a connection between brands and their communities, ensuring a great return on investment.

Following a successful campaign, companies tend to engage the same partners once again, and that builds an enduring relationship between clients and content creators. This allows not only for fine-tuning of marketing campaigns but also transforms these individuals into “trusted ambassadors.”

By showcasing their knowledge of the productor subject matter, these contributors are perceived as more credible and authentic, adding to the overall impact of the campaign.

Micro-nano Specialists in Content Creation

Another noteworthy trend is emerging in influencer marketing: brands are gradually losing interest in celebrities in favour of lesser-known personalities on the web.

You can make an informed choice by opting for a collaborator who will positively influence his or her community for the right reasons. Opt for individuals who embrace a code of ethics, demonstrate social responsibility, and have the ability to educate and inspire.

In fact, as we mentioned in our post highlighting the key communicationtrends to watch in 2023, the general public is exhibiting a preference for brands that prioritize social responsibility and uphold integrity. This preference is also reflected in their choice of whether or not to follow a prominent figure on social networks.

Key Features to Monitor

Ever-evolving algorithms and frequent updates from Meta pose ongoing challenges for content creators.

Due to diminishing organic views, their publications require amplification to capture the attention of a wider audience.

Consequently, content creation specialists and overseeing agencies need to consider additional costs to enhance the reach of influencer marketing campaigns.

Influencers and artificial intelligence

Virtual influencers, also known as CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) influencers, are computer-generated characters that possess social media accounts, engaging with online audiences. These CGI influencers are typically brought to life by teams of developers and graphic designers.

While the concept of virtual influencers may spark skepticism among marketers, these digital personalities attract a significant number of users and pique their interest.

However, consumer trust remains a pivotal factor inbrand preferences for partnering with human influencers, as they possess genuine expertise in specific industries or lifestyles.

User-generated content

User generated content (UGC) is a practice thatis gaining momentum in influencer marketing.

UGC refers to content created explicitly by internet users, such as testimonials, product review photos, unboxing videos, or any other content shared on social networks. UGC is produced by individuals with no brand affiliation.

In contrast, promotional videos or photos shared by paid professional content creators serve as brand ambassadors, directly addressing their audience.

Both types of content are similar, but their utilization depends on the prioritized marketing strategy. Brands are increasingly recognizing the value of UGC, which boasts a favourable conversion rate as consumers tend to trust products promoted by relatable individuals.

Due to its cost-effectiveness, UGC holds appeal for businesses. Consequently, content creators express concerns about their livelihoods being overshadowed by “free advertising” from UGC-producing internet users.

Collaborations with content creators stillhold significant relevance in marketing strategies and campaigns. We also invite you to listen to this episode of the C'est COMM ça! podcast (in French), which explores the future of influencer marketing.

At Capital-Image, we support clients who wishto collaborate with content specialists, facilitating effective exchanges between brands and these experts. Our team, always on the lookout for emerging trends, is ready to assist you with your next influencer marketing campaign!