Communications Services Offered by Capital-Image

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For more than 30 years, Capital-Image has offered its clients a complete range of integrated communications services: media relations, media training for spokespeople, reputation building, crisis management, influence marketing, the creation of social media content and much more!

With its strong expertise in the field, our agency is set apart by its human approach to an organization’s needs for integrated communications solutions at every step of each project entrusted to us.

The team of professionals at Capital-Image can provide different services to assist clients and ensure regular and strong communications and public relations for clients in a wide variety of fields, including large and small companies as well as non-profit organizations.

The range of Capital-Image services is divided into three main sectors:

  1. Planning and management
  2. Public relations and corporate communications
  3. Communications and marketing
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Are you wondering what each of these entails? Here’s an overview of our services to make it more clear.

Planning and management

Planning is a vital step for any communications project. We propose to our clients that we participate with them completely in the process to create and implement a strategic plan for any communications mandate.

Our experts meet with clients to better understand their needs and to ensure they are well informed about the possible strategies that could be used to achieve their organization’s objectives. More than ever, it’s vital to include a plan for digital communications in any marketing communications project and we can propose successful approaches best suited to their needs and budget.

Capital-Image will also help clients with their reputation management, meaning helping them to ensure their organization maintains a positive image. To do so, we urge clients to always be proactive with their internal and external communications, to ensure thorough media monitoring and to analyze the activities and results of similar companies (by size and/or industry) to better understand what is happening and ensure their own actions are competitive and appropriate.

As for our approach to change management, we are always conscious that any change in an organization can have an impact on communications strategies, either internal communications or external. We equip our clients with the tools they need that allow them to improve any process or activities of change so they are as smooth as possible.

Public relations and corporate communications

Any number of reasons can lead clients to need our corporate communications services. Here’s how they work.

Capital-Image has wide expertise in developing positioning strategies and reputation management, particularly for helping organizations positioning themselves strategically in Quebec. We explain to clients how they can position themselves positively and prominently in this unique market.

Capital-Image serves a very varied clientele, which makes us a communications agency with broad talents and expertise. That said, we have developed particular expertise over the years in several important industries, particularly those with a strong Quebec presence, including high technology, pharmaceuticals, the financial and management consulting sector as well as consumer goods and aerospace.

It’s important to recognize that an organization’s reputation does not derive solely from its impact on consumers or its clients, but also from other key stakeholders including shareholders, governments as well as its own employees, present and future. As a result, it’s important to build and always improve the confidence of these key stakeholders.

Do your methods of internal communications seem to be not as effective or motivating for your employees as you would like? You can call on our experts. We can also offer training for your spokespeople so they can best represent your organization eloquently and with pertinent information when they are speaking to internal or external audiences.

Capital-Image also has developed a comprehensive network of important contacts in Quebec media (both French and English) so is able to determine the best possible targets for the information an organization wants to share and for who they want to get it to.

Not everything always goes as planned or as well as anticipated. The unexpected can happen. That’s why we also have the tools to permit our clients to anticipate and manage all types of issues and crises, from small to major, that could impact your organization. Developing a crisis communications plan and having prepared through simulations are important tools to help you respond rapidly to everyone impacted by an issue or crisis. It takes professional help! For many issues, only a rapid and carefully thought-out response can avert major negative repercussions.

Communications and marketing

Have your needs for digital marketing changed over the years? They should have, and Capital-Image can respond to your questions to ensure you are up to date and set you up with effective communications marketing strategies. Managing social media, placing online advertising and selecting the right influencers are not secrets for us. We know how to find the best method to enhance the sales of your product or services and for you to best disseminate your key messages.

If you don’t have within your organization someone who’s an expert in search-engine optimization – or worse, you don’t know what it is – we can take it in hand for you to ensure your name, website and articles get the highest possible visibility by web search engines, enhancing the number of people who will easily find what you have to offer.

We can also create different types of content to promote your products or campaigns: blogs, websites, videos, infographics, social media posts, sponsored articles, traditional or digital advertising, brochures and more. Everything to ensure you stand out from your competitors or to get your cause or products the attention they need.

But that’s not all! We have even more in our arsenal, including the ability to plan and execute great events to launch a new product or celebrate a major milestone. It’s all part of getting noticed, and ensuring your success!

If your organization could benefit from any of our services or professional help, you’ve come to the right place! Let us know how our team can help you and your organization succeed with better public relations and integrated communications.