Feed Imagination with Goldfish

Launch of a creative platform

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In August 2020, the famous fish-shaped crackers Goldfish launched Feed Imagination, its new creative platform. Developed by Zulu Alpha Kilo and The French Shop, this new platform aimed at creating an emotional and relevant bond with families.

Capital-Image then developed an integrated communication plan to reach Quebec families and help them harness their imaginative and creative power.


The program was divided into two phases, with the first one at the start of the school year to launch the Feed Imagination contest, which sought young creatives to bring their imaginative ideas to life. And a second milestone was at the start of 2021, as the books imagined by the contest winners were being materialized.

Phase 1 - September 2020

To reach out to Quebec families, especially mothers, we have teamed up with Mélanie Maynard, who exudes creativity, as an ambassador to promote the Feed Imagination program. Through her digital social media accounts, Mélanie sent a challenge to three personalities to test their level of creativity: Mélissa Bédard, Maïka Desnoyers and Alexandra Diaz.

To support media relations efforts, Goldfish led a research to measure the Imagination Index with Quebec parents. These exclusive data and statistics helped fuel the press release and narrative to generate media interest.

The contest promotion was supported by some strategic media partnerships, including an integration on Salut Bonjour and a promotion with targeted banners on La Presse.ca.

Phase 2 - January 2021

Media campaign spokeswoman trained by Capital-Image communications agency

The most creative young Quebecers had been selected by the Goldfish jury, while 4 books were created and illustrated by Quebec artists: Guillaume Perreault, PisHier, Audrey Malo and Jimmy Tigani. The books were available for download through a digital library on the FeedImagination.ca portal.

Books offered to families as part of the communications campaign

In addition, Goldfish made a cash donation of $10,000 to the Food Banks of Quebec, a donation of Goldfish products as well as the printing of 4,000 copies of the books to offer quality moment to families benefiting from the support of the food banks network.

Once again, we leveraged our ambassador Mélanie Maynard, as well as the three personalities of Phase 1 Mélissa, Maïka and Alexandra to promote the library towards their communities.

Media relations efforts also helped publicize the availability of this free library, and targeted media partnerships with LaPresse+’s XTRAs and Salut Bonjour’s Books column also helped increase the campaign's reach.

Partnership with local media to promote the communication campaign


The Feed Imagination campaign generated over 23 million impressions from media, influencers, social ads and media partnerships. Based on client benchmarks, the social ad campaign delivered nearly 6x more efficient CPC (cost per click) and over 2x higher CTR (click-through rate). 

The ambassador and celebrity contents alone generated over 28,000 engagements. Nearly 3,000 books copies were downloaded during the Feed Imagination campaign. Campbell also saw a positive impact on its sales in the Quebec market throughout the fall of 2020.