5 Essential Communication Trends to Monitor in 2024 

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The realm of communication is ever-evolving, as evidenced in the years 2021[1], 2022[2], and 2023[3].

Below are some of the notable trends in communications, marketing, and public relations for 2024.

Artificial Intelligence

Key Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies such as driving voice search, virtual assistants and chatbots have been operational for a few years now. After witnessing a significant expansion in 2023, it is now set to become an essential tool in 2024.

In our previous year's trends, we noted how AI not only automates various repetitive tasks but also acts as a tool for intelligence and analysis. The recent surge in popularity of Chat-GPT in the past months has heightened interest in AI-powered tools among both businesses and the general public.

Apart from editorial tools, AI empowers brands to engage in real-time "conversations" with their customers, enhancing interaction personalization.

Predictive Analysis

Predictive analysis and personalized recommendations are at the heart of 2024 trends. A survey conducted by Epsilon reveals that 80% of consumers are more likely to engage with brands that provide personalized experiences[4].

The tailored experience facilitated by AI algorithms enables web users to see publications that match their interests. Tailoring the customer experience effectively leads to enhanced audience satisfaction, which fosters loyalty and results in increased engagement and conversion rates.

Furthermore, predictive analytics facilitates the gathering and analysis of data, which AI algorithms then convert into models. These models assist marketing and communication experts in more accurately targeting their audiences and identifying the most opportune moments for content publication or message delivery.


Authentic, Human Content

A fascinating contradiction has emerged. Despite the growing use of AI, there is a strong desire for authentic, human engagement among audiences. This will significantly shape campaigns in 2024.

Brands that facilitate human interactions and provide genuine content tend to retain more consumers.

Audiences are becoming tired of overly polished videos and photos, excessively edited or unrealistically perfect content, and content that is too focused on sales. Increasingly, audiences are drawn to content that is human, creative and natural.

In the same vein as content creators, it's crucial for brands to focus on unfiltered or real-time content and to deliver messages that resonate with their customers.

Live Video and User-Generated Content

This trend explains the rising popularity of live video, which facilitates real-time engagement during product launches, special events, or Q&A sessions. It provides audiences with a feeling of active involvement rather than mere passive observation.

The appeal of user-generated content remains strong. Brands are increasingly motivating their followers to play an active role in their campaigns, and content creators who are seen as approachable are gaining more attention.

Looking ahead to 2024, it's important to recognize that authentic storytelling not only boosts credibility and fosters a sense of community and empathy but also enhances loyalty towards a brand or organization.


The Evolution of Social Commerce

Hubspot's research suggests that social media will bea dominant force in future shopping trends[5]. It is estimated that around 112 million people globally will engage in social commerce by 2024[6].

Platforms like Instagram and TikTok have been pivotal in propelling this trend, especially over the last year. In the United States, features like Instagram Checkout now allow businesses and artists to sell their products directly on the platform.

In 2024, brands are expected to fine-tune their approaches to draw in more consumers, increasingly utilizing new features that simplify purchasing through social media.

Social commerce, by streamlining the online buying process, makes shopping easier, more intuitive, and quicker for the customer. It allows users to gather information, seek recommendations from peers, and purchase products all within the same platform.

Other strategies will be put forward, notably to enable the discovery of new products. On TikTok, for example, brands use the #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt keyword to encourage more Internet users to purchase their merchandise.


Data Confidentiality

The 2022-2023[7] Privacy Issues Survey by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada reveals that "a majority of Canadians express concern about how their personal information is utilized online by companies and organizations" (87%).

Many among them have altered their behavior on the internet in response. In this context, as in others, apprehensions about data confidentiality are prompting internet users to adopt various protective measures.

As the era of cookies comes to an end and privacy regulations become more stringent, it's imperative for organizations, both public and private, to adapt. Those who haven't yet established a transparent data collection policy will need to do so.

With the decline of third-party cookies, brands will need to gather data directly from their customers, including newsletter subscriptions, purchase histories, online interactions, etc.

Come 2024, it's anticipated that organizations will enhance their data security measures, ensuring they secure consent from internet users while granting them greater control over their personal data. Through ethical practices, companies aim tobolster, or in some cases, rebuild trust with the public.


The Persistence of Short Video Content

Short videos will continue to lead content strategies and drive online engagement.

TikTok's growth remains strong, and Instagram and Facebook Reels continue to be popular. YouTube has joined the trend with YouTube Shorts, and all platforms would benefit from embracing this trend.

Since they generate more engagement, brief videos are more prominent on platforms as they are favored by algorithms. However, it's also their engaging nature and more authentic storytelling that continue to capture interest.

Furthermore, among the strategies to be adopted in 2024, searching for videos using keywords will become more significant, and the widespread use of subtitles will be essential.

Many internet users watch video content without sound. Whether it's during commutes, in public places, or simply forgetting headphones at home, there are many reasons they choose silent mode.

Additionally, subtitles also benefit individuals with hearing impairments. Enhanced accessibility is another way to build audience loyalty!


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