Directory of Events, Training and Awards of Excellence in Communications and Public Relations

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The field of communications, public relations and marketing is constantly evolving so the professionals working in these fields require continuous knowledge updates and training to always remain competitive and aware of new developments.

Training programs and conferences abound each year to allow agency employees and the self-employed to acquire essential new skills. There are also a variety of awards programs that recognize how new technology and trends have been effectively put to use for the benefit of clients.

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Whether you want to develop yourself, offer your employees learning tailored to their needs, or submit a nomination for a provincial or national award of excellence, this directory is a reference for you for training and awards in communications and public relations.

Training, conferences, webinars: a diversified offering


Infopresse offers a wide range of training courses and conferences (in French) ranging from training programs (becoming a manager, developing work skills, branding) to tailor-made training (writing, influencer marketing, internal communications, project management, best practices in events, sponsorships and philanthropy) as well as certifications encompassing several workshops (content strategy, HR marketing and employer branding, digital strategy, social media management, diversity, equity and inclusion). It also offers a summer school whose programming is presented “in condensed and casual mode.”

Always varied and relevant, Infopresse conferences deal with the same topics and are spread throughout the year. Some of them are even offered at a lower price in virtual replay. Upcoming events include the “Tendances marque (Brand Trends) 2023” conference to be held on December 7, 2022. Given by local experts, this conference will look at the market trends that marketing and communications professionals will have to adapt to for the coming year.


Isarta also stands out for the quality of its training. Its in-company training is divided into three categories: adapted, tailor-made and coaching. All can be customized according to the needs and budget of the client and have been designed for teams and to support them in various ways.

Public training sessions are available for beginners, intermediates or seasoned professionals, as appropriate, and encompass universal topics such as organizing events, writing an effective communications plan, internal communications and personnel management, as well as more advanced topics such as the use of specific platforms or management strategies specific to a type of company.

Pressed for time? Isarta offers free Midi-Express conferences one Friday a month at lunchtime. Lasting 45 minutes, these interactive online events cover various topics such as marketing, media planning, communications, social networks, digital marketing, design, management, human resources and recruitment, business development or e-commerce, to name just a few examples.

Le Grenier aux nouvelles

Le Grenier aux nouvelles presents unique training courses, tailor-made or in the form of packages encompassing several workshops. Developed by industry professionals, these intensive trainings can take place in a chosen location or participants can attend a webcast. It’s possible to choose a specific skill level (beginner, intermediate, any level) and for one or more subject depending on the skills you want to acquire.

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Le Grenier aux nouvelles has a wide range of general training (digital media, press relations, strategy and content creation, branded content, employer branding, emotional intelligence, diversity and inclusion, change management, social media statistics, press relations, web writing, influencer marketing, sponsorships) as well as some more in-depth workshops (TikTok, Google Analytics, Instagram, gender-neutral and inclusive writing, user experience design).

Professional recognitions highlight achievements

Société québécoise des professionnels en relations publiques (SQPRP)

In addition to the organization's evaluation and recognition of the standards of “Public Relations Professionals,” the SQPRP annually awards an Award of Excellence divided into two categories, strategic and tactical. These awards recognize projects that have highlighted the skills of public relations professionals from Quebec agencies and promote the best practices in our industry.

In addition, as a member of the SQPRP, professionals in the field have access to various services, including training and professional development activities that occur each year.

Canadian Public Relations Society (CPRS)

CPRS offers a range of face-to-face and online events (conferences, meetings, workshops, webinars, seminars, etc.), including the annual Global PR Summit Canada.

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Awarded annually, the CPRS Awards recognize the success of public relations campaigns and the commitment of professionals in the field across several categories. The organization also awards prizes and scholarships to student candidates.

Gold Quill Awards

An international award of excellence given by the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC), the Gold Quill Awards recognize the best projects in strategic communication around the world.

SABRE Awards

SABRE stands for Superior Achievement in Branding, Reputation & Engagement. It is an international competition with awards by continent. This competition aims to reward campaigns, agencies and institutions that have demonstrated excellent results in their strategic planning, creative projects or commercial achievements.

Participants come from multiple fields including public relations, advertising, digital and social media, marketing, corporate communications, investor relations and public affairs.

STRAT Awards

The Strategy Awards are dedicated to business results as well as marketing and advertising strategy in Canada. The awards are divided into several categories and highlight the contribution of the professionals responsible for planning the different facets of a project.

Idéa Competition

Formerly known as the “Prix Créa”, Idéa defines itself as the competition for creative communications in Quebec. Nominations are divided into six main disciplines: advertising creation, design, media, digital products and experiences, craft/production and, finally, business results and strategy.

With its many professional recognitions and awards obtained since its foundation, Capital-Image has been able to promote many of its achievements over time.

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Take a look at our Achievements section to learn a little more about our projects and campaigns that have been recognized and praised locally, nationally or internationally.