Key Communications Trends to Watch in 2023

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As we enter 2023, here are the new trends to watch! In both the world of communications and social media, several patterns are already emerging for the coming year.

If in 2022 we were still recovering from the uncertainties of two years of the pandemic, we expect that 2023 will be a year of improvement and a return to the feeling of confidence, while continuing certain trends that began in 2021.

Targeting changes

As we mentioned earlier this year on our blog, Google will gradually remove cookies for privacy and ethical reasons, two features dear to online communities. Internet users want to preserve their privacy and therefore refuse to be constantly tracked and targeted when browsing the web.

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However, according to Talkwater's recent 2023 Trends Report, “70% of advertisers believe digital advertising will take a step backwards with [cookie] removal.” As mentioned in the blog post cited above, the removal of cookies could make SEO (search engine optimization) obsolete, while affecting media campaigns and performance measurement. This development will certainly be followed by companies with great interest in 2023... and maybe even with a little apprehension.

Improved customer experience

The pandemic has precipitated the need for customer experience overhaul in several areas. In many sectors, there has been uncertainty resulting from supply chains failures and also by poor communications.

These inconveniences can create a feeling of dissatisfaction that can damage the credibility of a company or brand. This is why companies should focus on accelerating the response time to questions asked by the public, especially through social networks. Through social platforms, brands can quickly provide information, help or solutions to customer requests. In 2023, it is estimated that brands will need to demonstrate a deeper understanding of their target audience.

Moreover, when we think of an improved customer experience, we can’t forget the contribution of UX design, a short form of “User Experience.” UX design provides a better user experience for people browsing a website based on the expected behaviour of that user.

A better site experience involves simplifying the layout, avoiding overwhelming the reader with information when they arrive on the main pages, optimizing the site for mobile devices, opting for clear and concise video content, and so on. By using proven techniques such as these, the site as well as the messages conveyed will be more helpful to convincing and retaining the consumer.

Leverage customer reviews

In terms of customer ratings and reviews, they help to better understand consumers and therefore improve customer service. Another advantage of online assessments? Increased visibility and rankings.

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Indeed, good reviews increase the credibility of a company, service or product, while encouraging even more internet users to share their own experience. In addition, customer reviews are excellent for online SEO (search engine optimization) and seem to be the most important ranking factor in local search on Google.

Social responsibility and integrity

Social awareness, diversity and inclusion are values that have become crucial recent years and will be even more important to the public in 2023. Companies will have to keep pace with this trend if they have not already done so. As recent analyses in the communications and social media community have shown, the public is now looking to support brands that align with their values.

In addition, companies will also need to demonstrate even more integrity and authenticity. Too often during the three years of the pandemic we have seen fake news circulating, undermining the credibility of certain sources. By prioritizing authenticity and empathy and demonstrating humanity in communications, companies will reach more individuals and build trust among their target audiences.

Artificial intelligence in public relations

In 2022, there has been a lot of talk about artificial intelligence (AI) capable of creating absolutely impressive works of art (Midjourney, Dall-E), but AI is already being used in the world of communications. According to experts, the trend will increase in 2023.

Some programs allow you to automate more boring tasks, optimize presentations and press releases, convert text into speech and vice versa, and even identify key influencers for campaigns.

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By improving with time and usage, AI tools will be able to analyze more data to generate predictions that will better determine consumer behaviour and predict the success of an advertisement or communications campaign.

According to Mediatoolkit (a social media monitoring tool), in 2023 public relations efforts will be enhanced by the growing potential of AI, particularly for improving content ranking, personalizing and calculating responses from different audiences, in addition to better media monitoring.

Quality and simplicity over quantity

Exit media pitches transmitted blindly! More than ever in 2023, it will be time to focus on quality rather than quantity and adapt pitches according to the journalist or publication in question.

Many media outlets are now operating with reduced staff and those remaining have little time or interest in going through all the press releases that land in their inboxes. By designing a relevant and eye-catching pitch while targeting the appropriate media, the message will have a better reach.

Similarly, the trend will be towards exclusives rather than embargoed items. Exclusive news is much more valuable than releases that all come out on the same day with pretty much the same content in all media. It is also a way to establish and maintain good relations with journalists.

This also applies to the simplification of brand messages: being concise does not mean offering a message without value or content! It is much easier to make short messages on social networks where users' attention tends to erode if there is too much to read.


When creating your strategies for the coming year, keep in mind these trends that will certainly colour your campaigns for the coming months.

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