Communicating Better and Promoting Applied Research with the CDRIN

Launch of a new brand identity


In 2019, the CCTT affiliated with Cégep de Matane approached Capital-Image to help them redefine their branding and build a full communication plan to better communicate its mission and promote its valuable work.

Known as the CDRIN since its inception in 2011, the center wanted to review its positioning and branding so that it would now be known as... (drum roll) CDRIN! Although the acronym remained unchanged, the full name now reflected the new technological reality of the center, moving from a specialty in digital IMAGING to a specialization in digital INTELLIGENCE, in order to optimize the opportunities offered by AI.


The Capital-Image team first led (1) an analysis of CDRIN's situation, considering its business and communication objectives, (2) an audit of its various communication tools, and (3) an analysis of the CCTT ecosystem to suggest recommendations.

Launch of a new logo thanks to the Capital-Image communications agency

The agency then revamped and updated the CDRIN logo and all its related communication tools, including the redesign of its website (design, content, navigation, wireframe, UX, SEO, programming, etc.). Capital-Image's work went beyond the visual elements, because the CDRIN wanted to communicate its activities BETTER, we did a lot of work to simplify and position CDRIN's work.

Following the launch of the new branding, we developed a strategic communication plan that would help the CDRIN to share more widely what was happening inside its research center in Matane. We leveraged the multiple stories to be told that come from the CDRIN, which allowed us to develop and implement an effective communication strategy since 2019 to make this center shine locally, regionally, and nationally.


By its involvement in the field of artificial intelligence, CDRIN knows that the primary problem for companies is not the lack of data, but how to use that data and make sense out of it. This was the same problem that CDRIN faced. It wasn't the lack of stories to tell, but rather the need to build a strong narrative and storytelling strategy to make its center shine.

Northern Gannets acting as cameramen! Rebuilding a shipwreck at the bottom of the St. Lawrence River thanks to AI! CDRIN's most recent research projects have attracted media interest, including Les années lumières, L’actualité, Québec Science, Le Devoir, Le Soleil and even Découverte, Radio-Canada's prestigious and popular science program!

Beside media exposure, the CDRIN is recognized as a reference in its field and a leader in the democratization of artificial intelligence for regions, while its general manager, Isabelle Cayer, sits on several major committees, including Forum IA Québec.