Launch of new immersive accommodations at Parc Oméga

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In May 2023, building on the success of their Sleeping with Wolves concept, Parc Oméga once again enhanced the visitors experience with the addition of 13 immersive accommodations in the heart of wildlife habitat, a first in North America. Capital-Image accompanied this player in the Outaouais tourism industry in announcing these new modern and luxurious units which offer a unique experience. The park also announced several other new features, including the arrival of two new species, beavers and Przewalski's horses.

Our approach

As part of a first phase, in May, Capital-Image used media relations to announce the launch of these new accommodations. This phase generated close to 10 million impressions in renowned media such as La Presse, Noovo, Le Journal de Montréal and QUB Radio. Regional media such as Ottawa CHOT, 104.7 FM, Rouge FM, Le Droit and Le Nouvelliste also covered the story.

Screen capture of the La Presse article

Renowned national media such as Isabelle Marjorie Tremblay (98.5 FM), Kim Sullivan (Global News) and Marilou Lamontagne (Radio-Canada) were in attendance, as well as representatives from the region's media (Info Petite-Nation, Journal les 2 Vallées, TVA Ottawa and 91.9 FM). Media relations surrounding the event generated an additional 9 million impressions for Parc Oméga.

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In all, more than 29 million impressions were generated in media coverage and more than 605,000 in estimated reach by content creators on social media.


Picture of the Parc Oméga horses