Boréalie: First Sustainable Cosmetics from the St. Lawrence River

Media relations and influencer marketing strategy

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Going into business is already a huge challenge in itself. Making a place for yourself in the ultra-competitive world of beauty is another matter. So imagine being a new Quebec company launching its first line of skin care products in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Let's just say that we've sailed before on slightly calmer waters.

This is the challenge that awaited the young company Boréalie, which in June 2020 launched its first line of sustainable cosmetics made from natural products from the St. Lawrence River.


In order to promote the young brand and help it take its place in the beauty industry, Capital-Image worked with Boréalie to develop a media and influencer relations strategy that would capitalize on its unique narrative - the development of its new products from natural ingredients from our St. Lawrence River, which abounds in biodiversity with little-known and unsuspected properties.

Despite the many pitfalls that the COVID-19 crisis put in our way, we managed to navigate through the troubled waters and launch the new product targeting lifestyle, beauty, consumer and business media and influencers.


For many agencies, the evaluation of campaign success too often focuses on achieving a certain number of interviews, articles and media mentions, and impressions. However, what really matters is when our campaigns have a real impact on our clients' business objectives.

The launch of Boréalie has generated more than 54 articles and media mentions, nearly 27 million media impressions and has created rich relationships with nearly ten content creators to reach their respective communities.

But beyond the success of the public relations campaign, the real benefits of the efforts lie in the direct impact that each mention, each TV appearance or product test generated. Indeed, throughout the campaign, Boréalie was able to observe the real impact of each public relations action by seeing an increase in the number of visits to the Web site, the number of sales and the revenues generated.

Results of the influencer marketing campaign
Results of the influencer marketing campaign