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  • About us

    Founded more than 30 years ago, Capital-Image is an integrated communications agency with a versatile, bilingual team of professionals.


    We believe that integrating actions with the right communications tools, used the right way, is the most effective way to achieve concrete results that optimize our clients' investments.


    This approach is at the heart of our DNA and our efforts. We are constantly seeking ways to leave our mark by doing things differently, particularly by integrating all of our actions so they work as a cohesive whole.


    With our personal and individualized approach, we offer tailor-made communication services to meet the unique needs of each of our clients.

  • Services

    Reputation is a fundamental asset of an organization – often referred to as its “capital image.” Just like human relationships, corporate or organizational reputation is built through the combination of experiences and perceptions generated by various points of contact. This capital has a significant influence on your internal and external audiences.


    More than ever, we firmly believe that an organization's capital image plays a strategic role in its success. Therefore, in order to achieve greater impact, it is important to proactively manage this asset through ongoing and integrated communications measures.

    Planning, management and implementation

    Capital-Image's experts will guide you through the detailed process of planning a comprehensive communication strategy adapted to the organization’s needs, all the way to its successful implementation.

    Public relations and corporate communications

    Our communications strategists will support your communication efforts with your organization's internal and external audiences. We are committed to helping you get the right messages across.

    Communication and marketing


    We consider an organization's marketing an integral part of its image. We develop marketing communications strategies around the organization’s objectives and its overall communications.

  • News

    Capital-Image is making headlines! Winning mandates and initiatives, nominations, awards and distinctions... Discover our latest news here.

  • “We are very satisfied with our collaboration with Capital-Image’s team of experienced consultants in the health/pharmaceutical field. They provide us with practical strategic advice, they are always available and successfully carry out all our joint projects. Capital-Image is an agency with a friendly environment, without any pretensions or bureaucracy.”

    – Dominique Touchette, Manager, Communications, Duchesnay

    “I am so appreciative that I can always rely on the Capital-Image team to have an understanding of our business and provide us with support competently and urgently.”


     – Erika Casupanan, Manager, Marketing Communications, Kijiji Canada

    “I have had the pleasure of working with the Capital-Image team on corporate & internal communications mandates since 2018 and I am receiving effective collaboration and impactful results every time because they are focused on the company’s objectives to become a trusted health care partner with internal and external stakeholders. They provide outstanding support, are nimble and can deliver very quickly with the highest standards of quality.”

    – Rosemarie Childerhose, Director Market Access and Governmental Relations, Bausch Health, Canada

  • Our blog

    The Capital-Image team is very passionate about communications. Through this blog, the team shares content that is directly related to the idea of doing things differently in our complex and ever-changing environment.

  • Subscribe to the newsletter

    Join us as we follow the latest trends in communications and public relations.

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This policy aims to ensure the operations of Capital-Image comply fully with the requirements of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (the Act). This policy will be updated from time to time if required. 

Capital-Image expects the members of its team to respect any personal information that may be disclosed in the course of their activities and that the security and confidentiality of such information are guaranteed in all respects. 
Generally, our activities do not require the collection or use of personal information other than basic contact information (personal information under this law does not include details that might appear on a business card, such as name, title, address, etc.).

This has the effect of limiting the provisions necessary to ensure compliance with the Act. Therefore, the practice of not collecting unnecessary personal information should be continued as a first step. This includes information that our customers may share with us.

This could include, but not be limited to such things as age, income, evaluation grades, and past employment. The law applies to outsiders, not to employees.

If you are collecting information of a personal nature, the individual's consent must be obtained and you must explain the reason for using that information. Consent can be explicitly given, or is implied if someone has voluntarily sent us the information (such as a CV). Once obtained, you must ensure that the information is kept in a secure location and only used for the purpose originally indicated. Our network server or a locked filing cabinet may be such places. Personal information like CVs should not be left on view and unprotected.

For the sake of clarity, personal information is defined as any factual or subjective information about an identifiable individual. Individual consent is not required to collect personal information that was already in your possession before January 1, 2004. However, in order to continue using or sharing that information, consent is now required. Once personal information is no longer needed, it should be destroyed using a confidential method, such as electronic file deletion or paper document shredding. Records should be reviewed regularly so that outdated information is removed.

If personal information is retained, it should be reviewed for fairness and accuracy. If you are not sure, delete it. Our policy recognizes the right of people outside our company to ask us for copies of the personal information we hold. Further, if personal information is retained, it should only be used for the purposes for which it was originally collected. It should not be shared for other reasons unless you have obtained the approval of the individual concerned with your responsibilities in the course of your work. Photos or files of client events or those of Capital-Image are also private. Capital-Image’s reputation for trust and integrity depends a lot on our discretion. A breach of confidentiality or privacy may be grounds for dismissal.

Your obligations in this regard also continue if you leave the company. For any questions regarding this policy or to obtain a personal information record, please contact Miriam Lauzon, the Privacy Officer at Capital-Image (mlauzon@capital-image.com).

Respect for private life is something that each of us benefits from in our society. It is a policy that we should be happy to support.